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A trusted attorney is your best counselor and advocate.

At The Law Office of Deepti Sharma, we believe that your lawyer should help you through your legal issues.  People use many different titles for attorneys: counselor, advocate, lawyer.  While most people think that these words mean the same thing, at The Law Office of Deepti Sharma, we know that a good attorney fulfills every one of those roles differently.


Your attorney should be a knowledgeable lawyer, a student of the law who knows how to apply the law to serve your needs best.  Your attorney should be a passionate advocate, pressing for your interests.  Your attorney should be a compassionate counselor, helping you understand how the law can help you, and how best to navigate your particular legal needs.

At The Law Office of Deepti Sharma, we understand that meeting these needs for our clients means being responsive.  Every client is different, and it's unfair to expect your needs to fit into the form letters of a large impersonal firm.  We believe that our firm's small size allows us to personalize your particular legal work. 


We are here for the long term.  We want to help you achieve your goals, whether it's starting your own business or planning for how to share your legacy with future generations, or anything in between.  We know that we're only as good as our last work with you.

Deepti Sharma brings a unique and varied perspective to your legal needs.  Deepti started and successfully ran her own small business for nearly a decade, so she knows the specific stresses, ambitions and opportunities that small business owners face.  Deepti brings a diverse cultural and educational heritage to her work, so she understands that different clients face these challenges in different ways.  Deepti is a dedicated mother to two schoolage children, so she appreciates the importance of heritage and of legacy.


At The Law Office of Deepti Sharma, we know that we will earn your trust by being your knowledgeable lawyer, your passionate advocate and your compassionate counselor; in other words, by being the lawyer you want and the lawyer you need.  Please call or email today.  Let's work together.

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